Our Hypnosis for Healthy Weight Loss package may provide the solution you seek.

It targets healthy weight loss and improves self-esteem at both the conscious and unconscious levels of your mind.

That’s the benefit of hypnosis over other weight loss strategies.

Perhaps you have a specific issue you need help with, such as:

  • Eating smaller portion sizes?

  • Sticking to wise food choices?

  • Cravings for junk food or unhealthy beverages?

  • Eating when you are not hungry?

  • Snacking when you feel upset, lonely or bored?

  • Low motivation to exercise?

  • Self-sabotage and failure to achieve your goals?

  • Low self-worth?

  • Disgust, embarrassment or shame when you look in the mirror?

  • Hurts from the past you need to release?

Imagine how good it would feel to have:

  • The joy of a slimmer, healthier body?

  • Self-respect and acceptance?

  • Freedom from binge or emotional eating?

  • Stronger self-worth and confidence?

  • The personal benefits that losing weight would bring to you?

  • A new, improved relationship with food for the rest of your life?

How Can We Help You?

The self-help e-book and hypnosis audios available for purchase on the Mind Mastery Matters website provide a guided program to help you lose excess weight and stay slimmer for life.

The hypnosis audios and related exercises will help you to release emotional baggage and commit to sensible, achievable strategies for healthy weight loss.

Unlike many weight loss strategies, hypnosis uses the learning potential of your unconscious mind to re-train your brain away from unhelpful habits and beliefs. Instead of unhelpful habits and beliefs, you are programmed with positive, healthy suggestions which motivate you to become more slim and confident.

The hypnosis audios and self-help e-book in this program help you to:

  • Program your mind to consistently consume nutritious foods and beverages

  • Program your mind to chew mindfully and reduce portion sizes

  • Program your stomach to feel satisfied more quickly

  • Focus on your strongest benefits for being slim and healthy

  • Release unhelpful feelings from the past

  • Achieve a series of realistic weight loss goals

  • Strengthen the inner resources that can support you

  • Feel motivated to exercise appropriately

  • Deal with food cravings

  • Replace sabotaging thoughts with determination

  • Improve self-worth, and

  • Stay committed to the slim, healthy ‘you’ for life

All products have been produced by highly qualified hypnotherapists who have helped clients with losing weight in their private clinics.

You gain the benefits of their experience, without the cost and inconvenience of having to attend appointments.

Why Hypnosis?

When you make the decision to lose weight and become more slim and healthy, hypnosis is a valuable tool to support you.

Please be aware that you must take responsibility for committing to your decision; no-one else can lose weight for you, and hypnosis is not a magic wand.

However, because hypnosis helps you resolve inner doubts and strengthens your commitment, it makes sure you are in the strongest possible state of mind for success. It also programs you for long term maintenance of a healthy weight, because you will have a better relationship both with yourself and with food.

Because you will be focused on creating a slimmer, healthier ‘you’, hypnosis helps you experience junk food in a less pleasant way than before. You remember at all times that food is fuel for your body, and you eat only for nutrition, stopping when satisfied, and chewing mindfully.

The audios and activities in this package encourage you to follow habits and decisions that align you with slim, vibrant health.

In helping you to create long term positive relationships with food, hypnosis re-trains your brain away from unhelpful habits and responses, and programs you instead with better decision making.

It does this by building new neural pathways to replace the pathways that developed to support your obesity and poor habits.

Feeling overweight, out of control and unattractive is stressful. Sometimes our own mind becomes the enemy, telling us destructive messages and lies. There is always hope for a better future and the decision rests with you. You can create the changes you seek.

Many people try to talk themselves out of having the problem, or argue with themselves to ‘get over it’. Usually, however; focussing on the problem just makes it worse. The more you worry about being overweight, the more likely it is to become an obsession. Eating disorders develop when a person loses sight of their self-worth. They forget that their shape is only the shell that houses who they truly are.

You can change the shell and re-shape your body with commitment to your long-term health and wellbeing.

Self-criticism and good intentions seldom lead to a positive outcome with healthy weight loss. You need a deeper approach – one that by-passes your conscious mind, and retrains your brain at an unconscious level. This is why hypnosis offers one key to your solution.

Your brain is rather like a computer, and your thoughts are like the software programs that run in the background. Sometimes, this software is outdated, unhelpful, or gets a ‘virus’. All the habits that support over-eating are like a virus that you need to release in order to return to wellbeing.

The straightforward hypnosis audios in this package work to re-program your body, emotions and mind though a range of targeted strategies. These strategies include positive suggestion therapy, guided visualisation and letting go of emotional pain so that you are ready to make the right decisions for you. Mind mastery really does matter when it comes to taking back control of your life.

Being Real 

The hypnosis audios and exercises in this program are not designed to treat any medical or psychological problems. Medical and psychological conditions require help from a medically qualified practitioner or psychologist.

Always seek medical advice first for any health issue of concern, and follow that advice. Not every problem can be overcome with hypnosis, and we would never promise that. You should ask your qualified medical professional if hypnosis is a suitable strategy for you if you are concerned about hypnosis for healthy weight loss.

However, once any health issues are addressed, could you allow yourself the possibility that positive changes might occur through the power of your unconscious mind? And even though you don’t know what can be achieved, just maybe your inner healer can improve your situation? Would you would be willing to invest in a reasonably priced yet comprehensive program of hypnosis audios and an informative e-book to explore if this is possible? What would you have to lose, after all? You may also find the benefits of the positive suggestions flow into your whole life, encouraging greater wellbeing and confidence.

Can You Be Hypnotised? 

Now, you may be worried that you cannot be hypnotised. There’s even a myth that says only people with weak minds can be hypnotised. Nothing is further from the truth.

A strong mind is actually a bonus, because staying focused increases your benefits. Provided you follow the suggestions that guide you to relax, and then allow yourself to follow all other safe and appropriate suggestions, you can be hypnotised.

You may want to know why some people have not had success in the past with hypnosis. Here’s the key – you have to WANT the change you seek. Some people try hypnosis for losing weight, but they don’t stick to the program or listen to the audios as often as is suggested. They sabotage themselves by not following the guidelines or by making excuses that they do not have time to commit to their goal.

Can you see the difference? Does this make sense?

Now – to get long term automatic changes, you will need to keep listening to the audios for at least 2 months – maybe longer. Your brain takes that time to form neural pathways and lay down new programs that last. So, some people might have tried hypnosis before but never had the support of specialised audios to reinforce their new programming. You will have your audios to listen to whenever you wish, as often as you can.

Why Are Books and Audios So Great?

  • Books and audios save you time and money compared to a face-to-face consultation. There’s no travel, no long appointments, no costly multiple sessions.

  • Books and audios allow you to retrain your brain for long term change. Research shows repetition is a key part of creating positive changes in your brain. Seeing a therapist once may bring only temporary benefits.

  • Books and audios offer you privacy and confidentiality. You can listen at a time and place that suits you. No time away is required from work. There are no difficult questions about where you’ve been and why you need a therapist. You can relax in your own home and listen to the audios without stress.

  • Hypnosis is a medication and surgery-free option for your problem. It may also support you in other treatment you are having, to put you in the right mind-set for positive results. If in doubt, definitely check with your medical practitioner.

  • The books and each audio are time effective – containing lots of therapy in a manageable timeframe.

You Can Trust The Audios Because: 

  • You are always in control. You will follow only suggestions that are safe and sensible for you. Every audio is set up this way. You can stop listening any time.

  • Your unconscious mind knows what is safe and appropriate for you – it protects you.

  • You will hear what is being said. It is preferred that you stay awake during the recordings to gain maximum benefit.

  • Every audio has been carefully prepared by a qualified hypnotherapist. In fact, our hypnotherapists are multi-qualified and have NLP and counselling qualifications as well as Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

What Do You Need To Access The Recordings?

  • You need a personal computer or other device (e.g. tablet, iPad, Android phone, iPhone etc.) that displays PDF documents, and also downloads, saves and plays MP3 files. The books are in PDF format and the audios are MP3s.  Adobe is one free program that reads PDF documents should you require it.

  • You need access to the internet to pay using a credit card or PayPal account, and to download and save the files.

  • It’s simple to do; just click on the ‘Add to cart’ button and the file will be added to your shopping cart. When you have selected the products you want, simply click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button and pay for them through our link to PayPal (you don’t even need a PayPal account to do this).  After payment, you will receive clear instructions on how to download the file(s).

  • An email with links to the files will be sent to your email address after purchase.  You will have 7 days and 2 attempts to download and save your files.

  • Open the email we send you and access the links using Google Chrome or another browser that allows you to download MP3s.  Some web browsers will play but not download MP3s.  Google Chrome is free if you need it.

  • Headphones will enhance your experience, particularly as each file has a gentle background of theta wave music to deepen your relaxation.

  • To be 18 years of age or older. You must be over 18 to purchase the recordings and use PayPal.

Please read the information below before purchasing a product

  • If you have access to a personal computer, you can download the files to your computer and then transfer the files to your other device e.g. smart phone or tablet.  This is actually the easiest way to do it.

  • If you do not have access to a personal computer, and wish to download your products (MP3s and/or PDF documents) directly to your device, you may need to get one or more free apps.

  • Please remember that MP3 downloads may take several minutes for each recording, depending on your internet speed.

  • Once the files are downloaded, you don’t need the internet connection as they will be stored on your device.

You don’t even need to already have your own PayPal account to pay for the products; you can use our account.  Pay Pal makes your transaction safe for you and protects your anonymity.

Once you have the books and audios you can transfer them to as many devices as you wish; you can play them on your smartphone, computer, iPad or iPod – it’s up to you.