Yes Orgasm Package (For Females)


The Yes Orgasm package has been developed to provide an additional loyalty benefit to our customers who are committed to enhancing their pleasure during lovemaking.

It contains the 4 most relevant audio files that work together in a complementary way to address this specific matter.

Why choose this package?

  1. You pay only $74.95 for 4 audio files and you automatically receive a 20% discount for spending more than $50 in one transaction; AND
  2. You will receive a FREE Information Guide containing a suggested listening schedule explaining how to use the audios to maximum effectiveness; PLUS
  3. We will also give you a Stress Buster audio at NO CHARGE to you, making a total of 5 audios.

Product Description

Are You Fully Committed to Letting Go of Blocks Preventing Full Orgasmic Pleasure?

The Yes Orgasm package has been provided for women who are focused on achieving greater sexual pleasure.

Do you feel like you need some guidance on what to do and when?

The Information Guide provided will give you clear information on how to use the audio files in order to achieve their maximum potential.

Are you unsure which audios are the best ones to purchase?

The complementary audio files included in this package support each other and have been specifically chosen by us to best reinforce the key messages in each of the other audios. You can feel confident that you are getting the best mix of audios to focus on this issue.

The Yes Orgasm package includes:

  1. The Remove Blocks to Orgasm audio – this audio assists women to let go of any beliefs, feelings and thoughts inhibiting their ability to orgasm and to program new positive responses that boost sexual pleasure;
  2. The Flying Solo – Explore Your Body with Guided Stimulation (for females) audio – this audio aids identification of the sensitive, erotic areas of your body so that you can gain greater control of your arousal and heighten sexual pleasure;
  3. The Let Go of Inhibitions & Resolve Blocks to Orgasm audio – this audio resolves internal conflicts and barriers to orgasm and programs new positive responses to boost sexual confidence and satisfaction;
  4. The Improve Your Confidence & Reduce Performance Anxiety audio – this audio boosts your sexual confidence, fine-tunes your sexual responses and reduces your anxiety in relation to your lovemaking skills or body-image;
  5. An Information Guide for the Yes Orgasm package; and
  6. A Stress Buster audio – this audio file helps you feel centred, in control and emotionally calm, whilst building self-confidence.

The products in this package will help you:

  • Relax and feel calm;
  • Fine-tune your arousal responses;
  • Remove old beliefs, feelings, thoughts or inner conflicts holding you back from experiencing orgasm;
  • Release anxiety and build greater self-confidence;
  • Become familiar with your body;
  • Remove any stigmas that you may have about touching yourself;
  • Learn your sensitive spots and resultant arousal patterns;
  • Use breathing strategies to enhance your sexual response;
  • Take more control of your body by adjusting its responses, timing and level of sensitivity;
  • Remove or reduce mental blocks causing anxiety, panic and the continuation of unhealthy habits; and
  • Understand how the audios work and when you should listen to them.

Detailed information on each audio can be found on their product page.

Regular listening to these audios is recommended to further enhance the benefits of the guidance and suggestions.

The Yes Orgasm package specifically targets the goal of reaching orgasm during lovemaking or sexual stimulation.

It contains 5 audio files, plus an Information Guide and provides a substantial financial saving to customers.

Included in the package is:

Additional audio files that may benefit you include:

Commit to reaching orgasm more often.

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