Rewiring the brain
What we think in our mind affects the structure of cells in our brain. The mind is that non-physical part of each of us which enables us to be aware of the world and our experiences. Our mind allows us to think and to feel emotions.

Your brain and mind work like a computer. Your brain is the hardware. It has wiring and circuitry required for the whole body to function. Your mind, mainly through your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, creates the software programs that run the computer, and these programs directly influence your behaviour and your feelings. They are all interconnected like circuitry.

Your thoughts and beliefs create programs in your brain whether:

  • You are aware of them or not;

  • They are helpful or destructive;

  • They encourage you or hold you back;

  • They were installed when you were an adult or a child; or

  • You chose them or someone else installed them for you.

Sometimes, destructive, outdated programs may be running our lives.

Why? Because we have never challenged our thoughts, feelings or beliefs, or evaluated them to see if they still work for us as adults.

So How Does ‘Re-Wiring’ Of The Brain Occur? 

rewiring the brain through hypnosis
In the latest research, neuroscientists have found that our thoughts affect our emotions and body. Thoughts are basically electrical impulses and chemicals that help build our neurons or nerve cells. As similar thoughts are repeated and reinforced, the connections in the brain become stronger like new branches growing in a tree.

Hence, positive thoughts create helpful brain circuitry. When we are optimistic and confident, our automated beliefs and decisions work FOR us, not against us. Negative thoughts create unhelpful brain circuitry. Stress and anxiety may be our automated response to any challenge, which limits our enjoyment and confidence

When we change our thoughts, we create changes in the brain which build positive neural pathways. A simple analogy is that the old, negative tree branches wither away from lack of use, and new green branches grow. These new branches become stronger and more fruitful over time, as we continue to think positively.

These changes can occur because our brain is ‘plastic’ and able to change over time. This concept is called neuro-plasticity and its application in medicine has helped many stroke victims to re-learn skills such as speech, by wiring alternative pathways to those that were damaged in the stroke.

Research into the brain has shown that it takes 30 days to create new neural pathways to the brain. However, that research has also shown that it takes at least 3 to 5 cycles of 30 days to lock into the change so it becomes permanent, automated change. This explains why at times you can make changes but they don’t stick. The changes have not been locked in at the unconscious mind level. Repetition is the key.

That is why having your own audio to replay and lock in positive suggestions is vital.

Run a Virus Check on Your Mind Now…

  • Are you crippled or held back by your fear of failure?
  • Do you procrastinate, even when you know you should act?
  • Does anxiety limit your life? Do you panic easily?
  • Do you have habits or addictions that you despise?
  • Are you an emotional eater?
  • Do you believe you are unworthy of happiness?
  • Does someone else’s critical voice stop you feeling good about yourself?
  • Do you have problems with sexual performance or confidence that are not medically related?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then your subconscious mind is sabotaging your life.

At Mind Mastery Matters, we help you change unhelpful thoughts, feelings and beliefs so that your unconscious mind supports your highest goals. We help you stop the sabotage, and replace old programs with new, positive ones. In essence, we help you train yourself to learn a better way of thinking, feeling and believing, so you can reach your true potential. When your subconscious mind works for you and not against you, long term positive changes are possible.

Take action and
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