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Yes Orgasm Package (For Females)


The Yes Orgasm package has been developed to provide an additional loyalty benefit to our customers who are committed to enhancing their pleasure during lovemaking.

It contains the 4 most relevant audio files that work together in a complementary way to address this specific matter.

Why choose this package?

  1. You pay only $74.95 for 4 audio files and you automatically receive a 20% discount for spending more than $50 in one transaction; AND
  2. You will receive a FREE Information Guide containing a suggested listening schedule explaining how to use the audios to maximum effectiveness; PLUS
  3. We will also give you a Stress Buster audio at NO CHARGE to you, making a total of 5 audios.

Release Blocks to Orgasm (For Females)


The Release Blocks to Orgasm (for females) audio file is designed to assist women to let go of beliefs, feelings and thoughts that have inhibited their ability to orgasm. New positive responses are programmed into the unconscious mind in order to boost sexual pleasure, confidence and satisfaction.

Why choose this product?

  1. You can release outdated beliefs, feelings and thoughts that block your ability to let go and orgasm;
  2. You can develop greater confidence in your body and enjoyment of arousal;
  3. You can fine-tune your sexual responses, and lock in positive changes, deep in the control room in your mind; and
  4. You can reduce anxiety and heighten pleasure.

This audio contains content in common with the Release Blocks to Orgasm with Visualisation and Guided Stimulation audio.