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Heal Your Anxiety Package


The Heal Your Anxiety package has been developed to provide the tools required by our customers who need help overcoming their fear of anxiety and panic. It is a package which offers hypnosis audios and a structured program to restore calmness and recover from anxiety.

This package contains a self-help book and 8 hypnosis audio files which provide a step by step program for dealing with anxiety and panic, and retraining your brain for calmness.

Why choose this package?

You pay only $44.95 for a product kit that has been specifically created to disconnect the power of the anxiety and panic in your life. It includes:

  1. The By G.R.A.C.E. I HealAnxiety-Free self-help book – containing information about anxiety, panic & phobias, and a structured step by step program to overcome your fear of anxiety and panic attacks.
  2. Eight hypnosis audio files that guide you through this anxiety-healing program and re-train your brain away from fear towards calmness. In this process you connect again with your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Stress Buster


The Stress Buster audio is designed to assist both men and women to let go of stress, anxiety and tension and replace these feelings with calmness, centredness and well-being.

Why choose this product?

  1. You can allow stress to be washed away and replaced with positive feelings;
  2. You will connect with your inner resources and coping skills, and
  3. You will receive strong positive suggestions to help you trust yourself, feel calm and make wise decisions.