What Do We Offer at Mind Mastery Matters?

The audios provided on this website use hypnosis to help you change the unconscious thoughts, habits, feelings and beliefs that are sabotaging you.


How Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis allows you to bypass the critical, conscious mind, and re-program your unconscious mind, so that you replace outdated conditioning with new positive programming.  All suggestions in the audios are designed to give you greater well-being and confidence.

Using the tools we provide, you can begin to ‘rewire’ your brain. You can program the responses and outcomes YOU choose for your life. With repetition, these responses become automated, and ‘hey presto,’ your unconscious mind is finally working in the same direction as your conscious mind to create a positive life for you. Be aware that this takes time, depending how deeply rooted those old beliefs, habits and thoughts are in your brain’s circuitry.  However, the long term pay-off that you will receive will be well worth the level of effort!

Hypnotism brain image our therapies
Hypnotic techniques and repetitive use of our targeted audio files will give you the tools to assist you:

  • Improve sexual confidence and target performance issues:

  • Banish emotional eating or bad food-habits;

  • Quit cigarettes or other unhealthy habits;

  • Reduce your feelings of anxiety or stress;

  • Improve self confidence and self esteem;

  • Cope with loss or grief and move back into your life.

Success lies in changing the neural pathways in your brain, away from negative responses, towards the healthy, helpful responses you desire. It involves re-programming those old unconscious programs with healthy, positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs that improve your future, not tether you in the past.


YOU Are Always in Control! 

Every audio explains that you will only accept suggestions that are safe and sensible for you. If by accident, there was a suggestion you didn’t want to implement, your unconscious mind would just ignore it. That’s one of the safety features built into our hypnosis. You are in control, and will most likely hear everything spoken. On return to the world outside of your hypnotic state, you may feel you remember everything, or some elements of the suggestions may just fade away. That’s very natural.

You might also feel heavy during hypnosis, or perhaps light. No matter what you experience, each audio is designed to relax you and allow your unconscious mind to begin to create the positive changes you have chosen. Every change is always your choice. There is no mind-control here – you are the creator of your life. The audios are just your helpful guide.


What Can You Expect? 

Each audio uses a technique of deep relaxation to quieten your analytical, conscious mind, so that your brain waves move from the fully-awake beta state, to a relaxed alpha or theta level. This means you are still awake, but deeply relaxed. If you find yourself frequently going to sleep, you could sit in a chair so that you gain the most benefit from the suggestions. Of course, if you have sleep problems, the audios may also help you to sleep more soundly because you will become better at relaxing.

As you relax and your conscious mind becomes less active, you are in the ideal state to receive relevant and helpful suggestions that address the issue or challenge you have chosen to address.

Your unconscious mind, that part of you that runs the automated programs in your life, is very literal. Have you ever found yourself feeling emotional as you watched a sad movie, or scared during a horror movie? The simple process of absorbed attention produces a level of focus in which the conscious mind is relaxed and quiet. Your unconscious mind is engaged with the movie, and even though at one level you know it is just a story, your unconscious mind creates emotions such as sadness, fear and so on. It responds to what is happening and creates the changes in your body and emotions, as if the story is real.

Hence, receiving helpful, positive suggestions during hypnosis changes the way your unconscious mind operates, and the benefits flows into all areas of your life – your beliefs, feelings, choices and thoughts.

Our Induction audio can be downloaded here FREE of charge and we recommend that it is played frequently, especially before each specific audio to ensure the best uptake of the hypnotic techniques and suggestions in that audio.

Your imagination is also a powerful ally during hypnosis. You will gain maximum results if you imagine the desired changes as if you are already successful. Rehearse your success using all of your senses. This sets an unconscious expectation of success and helps remove any self-sabotaging behaviour.

Remember that elite athletes repetitively rehearse their perfect performance weeks, if not years, before a major event. Mind rehearsal trains their brain to guide them towards peak outcomes. You will benefit from the same technique. This helps to ‘rewire’ your brain towards success.


What Next? 

Ask yourself if there are any unconscious programs running your life that are sabotaging and stopping you from moving forward. If the answer is Yes, and you would like to make positive permanent changes in your life, check out the range of issues you can address here at Mind Mastery Matters.