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Does anxiety, unnecessary fear or panic attacks limit your life?


Anxiety, Panic & Phobias

Control Anxiety

Re-wire your brain for calmness and confidence.



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Have you had enough of being overweight, feeling unattractive or being a    yo-yo dieter?
Lose Weight

Eat for Health

Say goodbye to cravings and emotional eating; say hello to motivation for health.


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Are you driven by your need to smoke cigarettes or marijuana, drink alcohol or gamble?
Quit Addictions

Stop Now!

Choose now to stop addictions running your life.



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Have you been a carer or lost a loved one and felt helpless or grief-stricken?


Grief & Loss

Begin to Live Again

Honour your life and choose to move forward.



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Do you suffer with performance anxiety, confidence, menopause or erectile dysfunction?
Sexual Issues

Be an Amazing Lover

Boost your confidence, your performance and reduce anxiety.


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About Us

Our hypnotherapists are fully qualified professionals who are committed to helping their clients find solutions to their issues. They also see clients in their clinical offices for problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, weight loss, bereavement, relationship breakdowns, sexual issues and lack of confidence and self-esteem. This means that they have practical experience in helping their clients achieve positive outcomes. Both hypnotherapy and counselling qualifications underpin their therapy. They are both clinical members of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA) and certified members of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (I.A.C.T).

For more information about the team, go to About Us.

Why Us?

Our team is made up of highly qualified individuals who also have practical experience in what they do. We aim to help people and have developed targeted products for very specific life issues. We understand the problems that people face and we are committed to helping you transform your life. The testimonials that our clients give us prove that we can deliver a positive outcome.

How Can Our Counselling Products Help You?

Our counselling products include e-books which will help you move through the grief caused by loss; understand and recover from anxiety, and quit smoking for good. These e-books form an integral part of our online kits which provide targeted help for your issues. You can feel more confident, less anxious and live life again.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis helps you to re-wire your brain so that you can achieve the goals you choose in your life. It transforms sabotaging thoughts and beliefs deep within your unconscious mind into positive strategies for success. This happens because you are re-wiring your brain with positive neural pathways – something that is much harder to do in a conscious state. However, hypnosis provides the key to long term benefits that you choose.

Hypnotherapy is effective in helping with a wide range of challenges. You will be guided into a relaxed trance during which targeted suggestions will help you improve feelings, thoughts, habits and beliefs.

Our audios offer you:

  • Hypnosis to recover from anxiety, panic and phobia
  • Hypnosis to manage stress
  • Hypnosis to lose weight and keep it off
  • Hypnosis to stop smoking, stop alcohol abuse, stop gambling and other addictions
  • Hypnosis to help you with the grief caused by loss
  • Hypnosis to help you orgasm
  • Hypnosis to help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and getting harder erections
  • Hypnosis to improve sexual confidence, last longer in bed and be a better lover
  • Hypnosis to deal with the symptoms of menopause

Stop worrying or procrastinating, and take action. There is no need to feel anxious. A strong mind is a bonus. Experience hypnosis now! Download your free induction and relaxation hypnosis audio here.

For more information about how your brain learns and why hypnosis will work for you, go to Our Therapies and Rewiring the Brain.

Benefits of Online Solutions

You may have thought that to have hypnotherapy, you have to actually see a hypnotherapist face-to-face, but this isn’t true. Self-hypnosis or listening to a hypnosis audio can be just as effective, if not more so. For a start, you can keep the audio or book and play or read it as many times as you need to – you aren’t restricted to one session. This reinforces the message that you need and makes it a more cost-effective option. You can play the audio or read the documents on whatever device works best for you and at a time that is convenient for you. There is no rushing to try to see a hypnotherapist or other professional in your lunch break or when you are on leave. You can do it any time of the day or night and anonymously – no one needs to know about any issues that you have and you won’t be embarrassed having to tell someone your intimate, private details. Our products are priced at a level that means they are affordable for everyone and provide value for their outcomes.

  • Hi Michelle. Just letting you know me and Paul are going to try again. Been listening to your CDs everyday and they are helping. Thank you.

  • I had the opportunity to read ‘White Water Rafting on the River Faith’ by Julie-Ann Bradwyn recently. From the first page to the last, Julie-Ann’s sage advice, born from her own experiences, provide a warm guide to anyone dealing with grief, loss, or life’s rocky patches. Her wonderful practical approach to dealing with some of life’s hardest situations, with good humour, grace and absolute love, is something I will carry with me always. Not long after reading ‘White Water Rafting on the River Faith’, my own life took some unexpected turns and Julie-Ann’s book has been a constant feature of my bedside table – helping me through some very dark days. The thing that struck me most is the volumes of love pouring from every page – I would recommend this book to anyone!!

    Maryborough, QLD
  • Hi Michelle. Thank you for the audio. I have just downloaded it and am about to listen. I have grown in strength and am learning to stand up for myself and put myself first for once in my life. I will keep you posted but I am feeling stronger. You always make me feel great and I have never had experiences that I have with you. Thank you once again.

  • Hi Michelle, It has been 4 weeks and still no cigarettes. I still don’t want to smoke. Sometimes when having a drink I looked for them, but then remembered I don’t smoke now. I have not put on any weight so that is good. Thanks lots and lots.

  • Hi Michelle. I am doing much better than before (thanks to you) and am really enjoying life a lot more. I still do have the thought of a panic attack at times… I am not fazed. Thank you for thinking of me and I really appreciate all you have done for me.

  • Hi Michelle, Thanks again for a very enlightening experience. I woke this morning with so much energy, I felt compelled to clean the fridge! Not like me at all. I have so much more clarity than I’ve had before about the direction I want to work in, my goal is long-term, I know I’m on the path and that feels fantastic. Knowing that anything is possible certainly helps in manifesting the dreams we have. Thank you again. Love and respect.

  • Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for the recap and the extra audio files – I found our session very helpful and am feeling optimistic about the future! Kind Regards.

  • I quit smoking September 3, 2014 after having smoked for over 25 years. VERY pleased 🙂

  • Hello Michelle. I have been thinking about you and thank you for your help and support, I am so very grateful. Have a great day.

  • Michelle, thank you so very much for today. It has transformed both our lives. Love and thanks from our hearts.

    Susanna & Rhodesia
  • Thank you so much Michelle. I really appreciate the time we spent together. I would love to perhaps try and bring my boys to you also as I think you could help them a lot more than what they have been getting right now.

  • Hi Michelle, You really do know the right things to say to uplift me. No-one has ever understood me and my problems before like you do now or has ever “laid it on the line” like you are so good at. I THANK YOU. I have never truly looked at my life as I am now and it is you who is helping me do this. You are helping me improve my life. Thank you.

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